In the perfect neighbourhood,
the new Quinzerie Hotel:
for a typically Parisian experience.

Quinzerie is, above all, a state of mind:
that of a village in Paris,
where the Eiffel Tower can be seen in a new way.

A panoramic rooftop view, an elegant bedroom, a jacuzzi en suite, a discreet meeting,
a serene walk in the garden or a moment of conviviality at the bar.
Every moment, every smile at The Quinzerie Hotel is naturally yours.

Quinzerie - Room

and Suites

Contemporary and comfortable, The Quinzerie Hotel’s 65 rooms and suites are uniquely designed for a refreshing stay in 15th arrondissement district of Paris. Private balcony, jacuzzi, view of the Eiffel Tower, lush garden... Each room has its own special feature.

Quinzerie - Accueil
Quinzerie - Well-being
Quinzerie - Accueil
Quinzerie - Accueil


We know how to enjoy a good view.
Before you come to gaze at the Eiffel Towel from our Rooftop,
have a look at The Quinzerie Hotel’s best features.